Paying Ahead of Time?

we are in the process of buying a home, are there any doctors that allow you to pay monthly to build up until you have enough to do the surgery? it seems silly but it is paying ahead time...the dental office I used to work at allowed patients to do that for large procedures like dentures and implants. I realize that it would only be the surgeons fee and not the facility but it would make it easier for those that dont have 10,000-15,000 lying around

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Paying ahead

We always allow our patients to pay ahead for treatment scheduled.  Kind of like layaway for you teeth. 


Another option is no interest financing through care credit



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Paying ahead of time

There are plenty of doctors/office willing to accept payments to build up a credit on your account before doing any treatment. Or look into different financing options.

Paying Ahead of Time

I'm sure there are LOTS of doctors willing to take your money in advance of doing the procedure. Another alternative is finding a doc that accepts Care Credit, or a similar payment plan, whereby you can have the work done and then pay it out "interest-free" over the year.

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Paying Ahead of Time?

Most offices would be silly if they didn't allow you to pay in advance to build up enough credit to do your treatment prior to surgery.  What they usually will not do is perform the procedure and then let you pay it off.  Like Dr. Neuhaus also mentioned in his previous post, Care Credit is also a great option for financing since they offer the one year 0% interest plans.  Sometimes dental offices can break your treatment into phases too.  Like if you need to have implants done, you can pay for that portion of treatment, and then while your implants are healing you can save up more funds for the next portion of treatment.  Talk to your dentist about all the ways you can work with them and hopefully they will give you several viable options to work with.  Best wishes!

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