How to tell if your technician is setting the machine correctly for your skin/hair? Lightsheer Duet on full beard.

I'm Fitzpatrick Type 2/3 with light tan. Hair is a mix of blonde (20%), red (40%), brown (40%), all very coarse & very dense. I know only the brown hairs will be removable with laser. The HS unit was fine but the ET tip was 9/10 pain, & the tech did 5 full passes with no break. No spot test was done & they never asked about pain. Very few hairs ejected during or since. I can't go elsewhere, it's 300mi away & the only place within 500mi. Was the pulse width and fluence set correctly?

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Is the Lightsheer Duet working

Minus the settings of the laser, we cannot judge whether the settings were appropriate. I suggest asking for more clarity during your next treatment. Do not expect hairs to be removed the day of treatment, because this will not always happen. If no hairs fall out the day of treatment, this does not mean that your treatment was not effective. It is normal for the ET head to feel a little more painful to patients than the HS. The length of your hair, the sensitivity of your skin, and many others factors affect your pain level. Express your concerns to your technician next time. 

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LHR requires 6 treatments or more to see results

I wouldn't make any snap judgements as to the results. I don't see any settings in your question. I would just question them next time. There are preprogramed settings that are very conservative for skin type, hair type, and density. It is a very effective laser that I have used for about 6 years or longer. 6 treatments are needed to get about 75% improvement. Touch ups are needed about every 6-12 months.

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