I Had 6 Da Vinci Feldspathic Veneers Done 2 Weeks Ago and my Gums Are Irritated and Pulling Away at the Gum Margin?

I just had 6 upper veneers done 2 weeks ago and I am noticing both of the lateral incisors are experiencing some sort of recession or pulling away of the tissue at the gum line. The tissue looks swollen and is a bit tender. None of the other teeth are having this problem. What can be causing this? I saw my dentist and he says that the tissue is still healing, but this just started happening a few days ago. I am very concerned that this is going to result in permanent gum recession.

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Irritated gums after placement of veneers

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irritated gums after placement of veneers are normal for a short period of time 1 week. You need to see whether there are left over cement or bad margins or gum issues.so to a periodontist. They can shed a light on this that is an accurate opinion. 

Orange County Dentist

Irritated gums after veneer placement

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Sorry to hear you are having a problem.  Usually a week or so after veneers are placed the gums are perfect, since you state it is 2 weeks I would have another dentist take a look and see if there is a problem

Leonard Tau, DMD
Philadelphia Dentist
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Gum recession after Da Vinci veneers

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After cementation of veneers in 5-7 days gum tissue usually looks healthier and stronger. If you have persistent inflammation, that will most likely result in permanent recession, it should be immediately addressed. It can be a small problem like a left cement pieces or more serious concern like inadequate margin of the veneer. You should be seen by a specialist. 

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Periodontists are good resources

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Periodontists specialize in the tissues that surround teeth (gums and bone).  Perhaps a visit with a periodontist can shed some light on what is happening.  It may BE that things are healing normally, but there may be something else.  A periodontist would know.

Irritated Gums Around My Da Vinci Veneers

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After 2 weeks, gums should be looking almost perfect, not getting worse. Perhaps you should seek a second opinion as to the integrity of the margins of the veneers.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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