Is it safe to start fractional lasers / eMatrix RF on a wound a week after scar revision surgery? If not how long should I wait?

I've decided to have a revision surgery done on my cheek scars (left after nevus excision).This has been suggested by a plastic surgeon I went to. Recently I was at my derm's who reacted positively when I told her I will do the surgery and then said that I should come back to do fractional lasers on my wound IMMEDIATELY after my stitches are removed (so a week after surgery) - she said healing will be the best if lasers are started at this time. My question: Is this safe?What are the guidelines?

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Scars and lasers

Plastics tend to wait, dermatologists tend to go in early. I'll sit on the fence for this one because I have not seen your scar. If its red and flat, I treat it with the VBEAM, if its raised, I use a fractional CO2 with steroid drip. eMatrix is OK, not the best, I use it to treat early acne scars. HOWEVER, respecting your dermatologists advice, I would think that it would be safe to use.All the bestDr Davin Lim 

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