How to get rid of lumpy chest? (Photo)

I had a application of Restylane via Vital injector to my chest.. its almost year now. I still have terrible lumps on my chest and also wrinkles . I visited my doctor and she said, that is impossible to still have a fillers. I asked for hyaluronidase, but she tried Omnilux, radiofrequency heat and a i also had a first session with Ematrix. With no results. Im very unhappy.. what can i do now? I am 37y.o. Can really the hyaluronidase help me after long time application? Thank you

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Lumpy chest

I do not advocate fillers in the chest, as, for one, it is off-label. As it has been a year, the Restylane is probably gone already and would not respond to hyaluronidase. I am also not a big believer in radiofrequency, as many patients do not realize good results. I would recommend several light, fractional CO2 laser treatments to tighten and smooth out the skin of the chest - about 3 months apart. Understand that if the doctor you see only has an RF and Ematrix (also a dermal radiofrequency heat product) machines, that is what you will be offered. From the days of Thermage forward, patients have not been happy with RF results for the most part. The problem is that in this "no down-time, instant gratification" world that we now live in, the new machines are all designed for no down-time. I tell all of my patients, "If you want real results, you have to give up some down-time." CO2 laser is still the gold standard and the fractional version is what I would recommend for you... light setting, one pass, and at least 3 treatments - 3 months apart.  Best of luck.Dr. David Mueller

Virginia Beach Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon
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Restylane and Chest injections

These off label injections can definitely cause lumps and bumps.  Hyaluronidase is the only way to dissolve the product and I would consult an expert to make sure this is done properly.  Best, Dr. Green

Michele S. Green, MD
New York Dermatologist
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