Lip Cyst Removed After Juvederm Injection

I have what I now know as a "mucous cyst" inside my top lip. I never thought it was a big deal because no one had ever noticed it besides myself. Well, I recently had Juvaderm injected in my lips and now the area of the cyst is larger then the rest of my lip and looks uneven.

Although I have Juvaderm in my lips can I still get the cyst drained/removed by my dermatologist?

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A mucocele

Sounds like you have a mucocele which probably should be removed. It may look enlarged with filler as it is pushed on by the product.

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You have mucocele

 Dear Jenn1,

What you have is a mucocele. This is due to an injury to some of the ducts of the many small salivary glands in the lip. The treatment requires removal of the cyst and some the tiny salivary glands in the area. See an oral surgeon or ENT for treatment.

Dr. ES

Mucus cyst in the lip bigger after filler

Your mucus cyst is now bigger after a filler. It is possible that the lip filled is merely pushing on the cyst. There might be actual filler in the cyst. The cyst can be drained, and if it is cyst content and not filler, the cyst will shrink but may recur unless it is surgically excised. If Juvederm found its way into the cyst, then injection with hyaluronidase may shrink the content but the cyst will remain and can be excised electively in the future.

Ronald Shelton, MD
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Lip Cyst Excision With Juvederm in the Lips

Hi Jenn,

You may have your cyst removed even with Juvederm in your lips. Make sure that your dermatologist is skilled at surgery in this area. If not seek out a plastic surgeon, facial plastic surgeon, or ENT surgeon.

Good luck and be well.

Dr. P

Michael A. Persky, MD
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