Cyst Removal Scar - Can It Be Fixed?

I Had a Cyst Growing Inside my Leg over 25 Yrs Ago As a Result I Had Surgery at the Age of 4, Which Left Me a Ugly Moonshape scar that you can literally see my tissue and feel where I'm missing my skin. Was this procedure suppose to leave me scared like this or was it not done? I'm asking cause I have dealt with this all my life and it has been a huge self esteem issue for me. Please advise, is there something I can do now to fix it, like some kind of plastic surgery.

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Scar revision for mature scars

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Scars that are over one year old for adults, and two years old for children, tend to be matured. That is they have healed, are not likely to change much with time. It is not possible to say if your scar can be improved with scar revision without seeing you, and non surgical options may exist.

In general, the old scar is excised, and the normal thickness skin adjacent to the scar is reapproximated. Sometimes, just the surface of the old scar is removed, to decrease the chance of depression. The goal is to get all the layers (fat and skin) together, so that the resultant scar has the same thickness as normal skin. How the skin is repaired is up to the plastic surgeon. How the skin heals is up to your body. While this can be modified, sometimes the skin heals in a way we don't like.

In order to get an idea of if, or how much, improvement can be made, you would need to to see a plastic surgeon in person.

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