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Please how can I treat scar pain after breast reduction. I had surgery 6 months ago. The scars are thick and extend to and meet at the middle of my chest. Very unsightly. The pain is worse at Night time as I turn from one side to the other. I need help as this is affecting my sleep. Help ASAP. I live in Cypress. Tx Please contact me if you can help me.

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Scar pain

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I am sorry for your difficulties. Although uncommon, hypertrophic scarring can occur with breast reduction surgery. The causes are multi-factorial, but at this point relief of your symptoms is paramount. When thickened/painful scars occur various treatments are available to help alleviate your symptoms. Silicon sheeting or gels as well as pressure/compression therapy are a good first step. Another option is for steroid injections into the scars to help soften the scars and relieve the pain. If these nonsurgical treatments are unsuccessful then surgical excision can be beneficial routinely with decreased risk of recurrence. Please contact your surgeon to discuss your situation and options. Good luck!

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