What surgery is best for my cheek? (Photo)

As i grew older my cheeks became bigger,it makes me look older

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Face appearing too full

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Full facial cheeks in people who have an otherwise well-shaped face are commonly caused by excessively large buccal fat pads. Shaping the face by removing them is a quick, in-office procedure from which you will immediately see the difference.
The procedure also produces the appearance of higher cheekbones because of the narrower contour below them.

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What surgery is best for my cheek? = weight loss and possible buccal fat pad removal = cheeks #buccalfatpadremoval #weightloss

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As we get older, men and women increase in weight and amount of total body fat in the body ( people above 30s usually doesn't have a body shape similar to the body shape that used to have in the 20s when the majority are lean). Therefore, cheeks could become bigger as the body fat content increases.

Cheeks that have increased in size as we grow older could improve with a regimen of diet and exercise towards loosing weight which ultimately decreases the amount of fat in the body and cheeks.

A surgery called buccal fat pad removal could remove an special fat from the lower cheeks ( through incisions inside the mouth) to make the cheeks less fill and more chiseled. This surgery should not be considered as an excuse for not loosing weight with diet and exercise.

Patients interested in determine if candidates for buccal fat pad removal  should make a consultation with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon specialized in plastic surgery of the face

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