I have thread veins on my cheeks and around my nose. Am I a suitable candidate for CO2 Laser? (Photo)

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Laser for 'thread veins'

CO2 laser is acceptable for superficial thin veins. There are other lasers which are more specifically absorbed by red tissue (ie blood vessels). These are more suitable in some situations.

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Veins around cheeks and nose

Good morning, lesleyy. Thanks for posting your question. The dilated blood vessels you're commenting on can be caused by a variety of conditions. We often see them become more prominent as we age because the connective tissues in the walls of the blood vessels start to thin, and that allows the blood vessels to stretch and dilate. A CO2 laser will not treat these blood vessels because the light generated from this type of laser is not attracted to any part of the blood vessel or the red blood cells. This doesn't mean that a CO2 laser will not be of benefit to you.  CO2 lasers can be  used for facial rejuvenation, as they can help to improve fine lines and wrinkles as well as rough and pigmented abnormalities of the top layers of the skin. Please keep in mind that this is a bit of a generalization.  

In order to treat dilated blood vessels, you would want to use a device that outputs light at a frequency that targets the red blood cells within the blood vessels. Intense pulsed light (IPL), pulsed dye laser, and ND: YAG laser are examples of light based devices that can treat your problem. Also, application of electrical energy to these blood vessels using a device like a hyfrecator may achieve some of the results that you desire.  Our patients have gotten a lot of benefit out of the IPL and hyfrecator options.  I hope this has been of some help!

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I have thread veins on my cheeks and around my nose. Am I a suitable candidate for CO2 Laser?

Thanks for your query. Thread veins can be best treated with Ipl as it works best for them. IT targets the oxyhaemoglobin in the blood vessels thereby helps in telangiectasia. Co2 laser works on micro needling and does not penetrate deep enough to help with thread veins. Hope it helps.

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