Can I make my eyes large and my chin more square? Is that possible?

My face is oval and my eyes small

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Yes we can!

We can make your eyes "appear" larger with a blepharoplasty depending on your anatomy. You need a good physical exam. The same goes for your chin. It is likely we can square it off with fillers, fat or an implant. It depends though on the cause of it be rounded. Is it because you have boney deficiency? Sagging skin? etc. So after a good facial analysis we would be able to determine the layers involved and make appropriate recommendations.

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Square Chin

You can make your chin more square using a square chin implant. But you can not make your eyes bigger.

Barry L. Eppley, MD, DMD
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Can your eyes be made larger and your chin more square?

Thank you for sharing your question. Without photographs it is not possible to determine what can be done in your specific case. There are many reasons for eyes to appear small and numerous treatments for most problems. The shape of the chin can usually be altered with a thick dermal filler. See an experienced doctor for full evaluation and guidance. 
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