Eyelids are still puffy and tired looking six weeks after an upper blepharoplasty - will the swelling go down much more? (photo)

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Droopy Eyelid (Ptosis)

While it is too soon to judge you may have a condition called eyelid ptosis. If it would not improve by the end of the third month from the surgery date you may want to discuss this with your surgeon and if he/she does not do ptosis correction you may want consult another surgeon who does this.

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Post upper lid bleph

You may have some swelling still as this can take a few months to resolve completely.  However you have a ptosis which is why you look tired.  Sometimes the ptosis is there pre-op and not appreciated due to the heavy skin.  It can also occur after the blepharoplasty.  As the swelling goes away the lid might raise a little. If not, you will need to have a ptosis repair after 6 months.   

John J. Martin, Jr., MD
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Swelling will improve.

However, I doubt the eyes will open more.  It is very common to develop a levator dehiscence ptosis after blepharoplasty.  I suspect that is what may be going on here.  You need to let these eyelids heal for many months before seriously considering an upper eyelid revision.  

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
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