Will Cutting an Implant While Its Still Screwed in my Checks a Good Option to Reducing the Size? (photo)

i had 3mm malar cheek implants put in and im not happy with them (1 year postop, projection is to big) , i want them out. But my doctor recommended a buccal fat removal , he said that will make my cheeks look smaller. Does Buccal fat removal effective in reducing the overall projection of my existing implant? Or will cutting the implant while its screwed in a good route? Or just having the implants just be removeda good idea?

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Will Cutting an Implant While Its Still Screwed in my Checks a Good Option to Reducing the Size?

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 From the photo provided, your cheeks are still flat and not full and round anteriorly (front) which is the desired aesthetic female cheek shape.  Removing Buccal fat does make the face appear more angular, which is more of a male cheek shape and as such will not make a female face appear more naturally attractive.

 Screwing in silastic cheek implants, in my opinion, does not work as the implant material is too soft to allow the screws to be tighten while attempting to secure the implant.  The screw will literally break through the much softer implant.  Attempting to modify, reduce or cut into a silastic cheek implant will result in not much more than distorting the integral aesthetic shape of the implant and is not recommended.

 It may be a good idea for you to do a bit more research on the aesthetics of beauty so that you have a better idea of what you would like to accomplish aesthetically.  Then you can explore the proper size/shape of cheek implants or augment the existing ones (in the proper place) with temporary fillers (I prefer using Perlane) for this purpose.  Hope this helps.


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Removing buccal fat will tend to create illusion that upper cheeks stick out even more

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Dear Loveyourself

It's not possible to make a complete assessment based on one photo. For instance, we can't see your chin and overall jawline.  It is a major mistake to focus only on one feature and not view it as part of the whole.

I can comment on some general principles.  Removing buccal fat will tend to make the mid cheek look hollow, even gaunt. Narrowness there will create an even stronger suggestion of over projection of the upper cheek. 

You have a long depressed orbit area. This contributes to the appearance of over projection of the cheeks. A possibly better solution, which needs a more complete evaluation of your face to state conclusively, is to blend more volume up into the orbits and back into the temples and zygomatic areas. Usually, when this is done, the large "apple" cheek look is now balanced and there is overall a more aesthetic contour. This can be done by transferring your own fat or using synthetic fillers.

Good luck

Dr Perry


Curtis Perry, MD
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Will Cutting an Implant While Its Still Screwed in my Checks a Good Option to Reducing the Size? (photo)

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Your picture looks nice but you can't make a determination on one picture. Options include reducing the size of the implants or removal, and fat grafting or filling after removal. Can't really see the buccal fat pad but this will make more of a depression just under your implants.

Options to help with implants that are too big

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If you feel your malar implants are too big, the main options would be to reduce the size of your existing implants, remove your current implants and use a smaller size, or remove the implants completely and consider using an injectable filler instead.  I would not recommend buccal fat removal, as this would mainly affect the area below the implant.  

Michael I. Echavez, MD
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Reducing Cheek Implants

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You've suggested several alternatives to decrease cheek projection. They can be reduced by removing a portion of the implants while they are in place. They can also be removed and replaced with implants of a different size or shape. Buccal fat removal is not a good procedure for you; this will actually make your cheeks look more projected. You need to be examined by an experienced surgeon specializing in facial aesthetic surgery.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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