Cuteras XEO Handpiece. Are These the Same? And Is Photo Genesis Done With The Same Machine?

Hi, could you tell me if the functions of Cutera "Gool glide" and Cutera "Laser Genesis" are using the same handpeice? Or is it a different handpeice? Also is photo genesis treatment done using the same machine? Which handpeice is used?

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Cutera XEO handpieces

Cutera XEO machines are multifunctional. They can have a handpiece for IPL, one for YAG/Laser Genesis, and one for Titan. The YAG/Laser Genesis handpiece is permanently attached to the machine. The IPL and Titan heads (as well as a "dummy" blank head) are all interchangeable on the other side of the machine. The YAG/Laser Genesis head is used for Vasculite/YAG treatments where the handpiece touches the face and addresses small vascular lesions. The same head but different settings are used to make it the Laser Genesis where the handpiece doesn't touch the skin but is waved lightly over the skin to treat full face reds (and minimal browns). And finally by changing the settings again on the machine, this same handpiece becomes the CoolGlide which is used for hair removal. So even though it's the same handpiece, by changing the settings and dials on the machine it's multifaceted and addresses different modalities. 

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