Can an over Cut Pocket Heal Back Together by Taping?

I had BA ten days ago. After five days the left breast was sitting to too low. The nipple too high. The surgeon agreed, he said the pocket on the left side was cut just a little too big, but that it was early enough that holding the breast up with tape for a few more weeks would allow the pocket to heal and hold the implant up into position. Does this work? Will the pocket that has already been cut really heal back together?If it does heal, is it more likely to bottom out later?

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Taping to Help Implant Shift

If discovered and addressed soon enough it may be possible to improve the situation by tape splinting of the skin and the wearing of a firm fitting underwire bra. What you're counting on is attachment of the healing tissues to each other - a controlled scar. It's worth a try. How long? I would recommend about 3 months and stop if you see no improvement. There is a natural degree of scar formation after surgery which can work in your favor as well. If you are not pleased with the position of the implant after you have completely healed, surgery will be necessary to close off the lower portion of the implant pocket. Best of Luck  Dr Harrell

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Healing a breast implant pocket with taping

If caught very early it is possible to 'heal' a breast implant pocket which has been placed too low, and there are several methods we are aware of. Taping the fold is said to be effective. Another method is a carefully fitted under-wire. Finally some will use a cord such as a shoe lace under the breast and around the neck to support the fold and implant. Yes, bottoming out is more likely despite the fix, though it can indeed work.

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Adjusting Implant Pocket Early Post Op

It may be possible to adjust your pocket in the early phase after surgery. Some form of compression such as taping or an underwire bra carefully selected can seal off a portion of the dissected space. Review these choices with your surgeon to get the most out of this option.

Mary Lee Peters, MD
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Pocket and taping

Sicne you surgical procedure was reent, the tissue surfaces are usually a bit "raw" and sometimes taping, or wearing a bra in a specific way can help.

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Bottoming out?

At this stage your recovery use of tape and supportive bra may be helpful. If the tissues successfully re-adhere, then it is unlikely that you will experience greater long-term risks of bottoming out.

If bottoming out (inferior malposition  of the implant)  does become a long-term issue I would suggest repair of the inferior breast capsules with permanent internal sutures (capsulorrhaphy). This involves removal of a segment of breast implant capsule among the inferior/lower aspect of the breast implant pockets. The 2 edges of  capsule tissue are sutured to one another with permanent suture. This procedure reduces the size of the implant pocket and prevents the descent  of the implants. This procedure will improve the positioning of the breast implants  and the positioning of the nipple–areola on the breast mounds.

If this becomes necessary, make sure you're working with a well trained experienced board-certified plastic surgeon.  Capsulorrhaphy, even in the best of times, is not always successful and further revisionary surgery may be necessary.

Best wishes.

Best wishes. 

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Can an over Cut Breast Implant Pocket Heal Back Together by Taping?

A great Breast Augmentation requires choosing the best implant for each woman's build, making an exact pocket for that particular implant without undue injury to the underlying ribs and surrounding breast tissue and having a patient who follows her surgeon's instructions.

Over developing the breast implant to the side results in sideways shifting of the implants. Over dissection of the pocket inferiorly results in inferior sifting of the implants. The latter is much more common with operations done from the arm pit when the surgical dissection is done blindly and felt through the lower breast skin.  Taping the over dissected pocket is reasonable as is temporary stitching of the lower pocket to promote adherence. It will work in some but not all women. In others, a formal repair of the lower implant pocket may be required which uses stitches left inside OR requires the placement of a biological sheet to act as a floor. Only time can tell and there is nothing lost by attempting a conservative treatment at this point.

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Peter A Aldea, MD

Peter A. Aldea, MD
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