How Can I Close Up A Lip Piercing?

I have a little piercing hole under the lip, and I think, if I cut inside a little, the hole will close, because the skin will regenerate it, and the hole, becomes less visible, im wrong? what can I do? stitches?

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Each pierce seems to have its own character.

For this reason, see you cosmetic surgeon and have them assess you for this.  Generally unless the pierce whole is not well epithelialized, the skin that has grown to line the tract will need to be removed.  Depending on the dergee of tissue stretch and associated fat volume loss, the site may heal with a slight depression and occasional post inflammatory pigmentary changes.  These issue may be improved once the area has fully healed.

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I see this as no different than an ear piercing. Both sides of th the defect need to be freshened and then sutured to get the best result

David A. Bray, Sr., MD
Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon
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