Will Cut on a Child Scar?

I am Egyptian based in Dubai. My Daughter who is 1 year old had a cut of 1.5 cm long right above her right brow. We went to a plastic surgeon who taped the cut, didn't use Glue nor stitching. 2 weeks later, the cut was very thin, but the skin color was RED and we feel a small bump in her head at the scar.

I am attaching a pic of the cut and I was wondering would such a cut leave a scar when she is old?

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Also Try ScarGuard MD or other silicone substance

Wounds at this age heal very well. I am sure that your plastic surgeon evaluated the situation and determined that sutures were not needed and that your child would look best with only taping.

I would suggest using a silicone type material ( I prefer ScarGuard MD but there are a host of other good ones out there). Apply this at night.

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