Custom LASIK Vs Conventional Lasik

Why would someone need Custom Lasik vs a Conventional LASIK procedure?

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Custom vs Conventional LASIK

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In my Maryland practice I only perform customized  treatments. The question I always ask is the opposite of yours....."why would'nt someone want a customized procedure, when the results are clearly better?" The only answer I can ever come up with is the patient or surgeon is trying to save money by offering a noncustomized procedure. This is, essentially, 2004 technology, and, of course, it likely costs less. Well, sorry to say, but it is 2011 and we just simply, can do better! I see no reason on earth why someone(doctor or patient) would opt for lesser technology to save a few hundred dollars.....these are your eyes, are you kidding me!! When you choose a surgeon that you trust, ask them which technology they would have done on themselves or their family. That is the best way to get the straight story!

Baltimore Ophthalmologist

Custom LASIK offers advantages of superior vision

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Custom LASIK offers advantages of superior vision by reducing glare and halos. The result is better quality vision.  This video on iLASIK explains how combining CustomVue with Intralase creates the most advanced technology and the only procedure approved by NASA and the US Government for fighter pilots and astronauts.  You only get one set of eyes.  If you're going to do this surgery, get the best technology available.

Christopher Coad, MD
New York Ophthalmologist

Custom LASIK

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Custom LASIK individualizes the procedure for the unique characteristics of your eyes. Just like the DNA in our body, each person's eye is unique.  By tailoring the procedure for your eyes, the prescription of the eye is more accurately measured [25x] and small irregularities unique to your eye are smoothed. THis leads to better results and better quality of vision at night.  In low to moderately nearsighted individuals, 98% of individuals achieve 20/20 or better vision one year after custom LASIK.

Sandy Feldman, MD
San Diego Ophthalmologist

Custom customvue wavefront hi-def LASIK vs LASEK

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I had non-custom LASIK because I was the 1st LASIK surgeon in NYC to get LASIK himself, and customvue didn't exist back then. Now I think that everyone who can qualify for this should get it done as you see better afterwards, with less night vision problems like halos around lights (which I have since I didn't get custom back then).

It is usually more expensive, but totally worth it

We are doing customvue hi-def wavefront LASEK now, which yields even sharper vision than custom LASIK, because by not cutting the corneal flap we are not distorting the eye, so the custom map we treat the exact map, not a distorted/changed map, which is caused by cutting the LASIK flap (this has been proven in published studies, where they demonstrate definitively that cutting a LASIK flap distorts the wavefront map).

Emil William Chynn, MD, FACS, MBA
New York Ophthalmologist

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