Custom Implants or Corrtivce Jaw Surgery for Asymmetry?

i have a asymetical face one side is higher then the other, i was wondering which is would be better for me to have done?

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Custom Implants or Corrtivce Jaw Surgery for Asymmetry?

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It is hard to give you good advice without seeing you, but everyone has some amount of asymmetry in their face.  If it is just the look of the jawline you are going for, there is an easy solution.  Please see the video below.

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Asymmetric face

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We all have some asymmetry to our face. Some are more noticeable than others. The only way to determine which treatment is best for you is by seeing your asymmetry. Treatment options do include alloplastic implants, altering your existing bone structure, fat grafting to augment areas, and fillers such as Radiesse, Juvederm, etc. A consultation with a surgeon in your area is recommended. Best wishes.

Manuel A. Lopez, MD
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