Custom 3D Generated Chin Implants?

Hi, I have researched chin implants for the past 3 years and have not found too many doctors who use the 3d generated chin implants. I am not interested in a surgeon using their own eye to make custom chin implants at the time of surgery. I was wondering if there are any doctors who use 3d generating techniques to make custom chin implants. I would greatly appreciate your referrals. I know of Dr. Binder and Dr Niamtu (Cannot find any good reviews for chin implants). Thank you!

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3D Custom Chin Implants

Custom chin implants are made off of a 3-D skeletal model. While you may be under the impression that a 'computer' then arrives at the final implant design, that is an erroneous impression. No computer program can estimate the aesthetic dimensions that any patient may require. Computer modeling works in reconstructive surgery when there is an abnormal side vs a normal side. But in aesthetic surgery, a computer can not tell what someone's implant shape and size should be. Either a technician or a plastic surgeon must provide input into how the implant is made. This can all be done beforehand and patient approved before the final implant is manufactured.

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