I Had Cushing's Disease and Now my Body is a Wreck, Would Aqualipo Be Possible? (photo)

My BMI is 48.8 my abdomen is 50in. I'm in the gym daily but I do want to transfer some of the new fat to my bottom. After the susrgery (brain tumor removal) I immediately lost 30 pounds and my blood sugar returned to normal 6 months later and my cholesterol 6 months after that. I've never weighed more that 160 lbs, unless I was pregnant. By the time I was diagnosed I was 230 lbs. Right now I'm 200 lbs and I hate the way I look.

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Cushing's Disease and Liposuction

  I would recommend additional weight loss and full medical clearance prior to consideration of any elective surgery.  The type of liposuction matters little, but the most dramatic results occur as a result of fat removal with a cannula.

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