I'm Currently Unemployed, No Insurance, and Starting School Full Time in the Fall. Payment Plan for Invisalign?

Like it says I am unemployed and have no insurance, however, I am starting school in the fall and am receiving quite a bit for financial aid and student loans. So is there a way I can get the invisalign treatment and then pay a good amount when i get my financial aid/student loans. I am in desperate need of treatment.

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Payment plans

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all offices have flexable payment plan so if its a priority for you to get treatment now you will be able to buget payments.

Chesterfield Orthodontist

No-Interest Financing Plans Available

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Although this question is not related directly to a dental procedure, understanding how to manage your money is a pivotal skill. Some practices offer No-Interest Financing availability if the patient can show an acceptable credit score and prove they have an income. Invisalign is certainly a worthwhile treatment and offers permanent tooth alignment. To maintain your new smile you will have to wear a retainer, which is typically worn overnight. If you are going to put yourself into further debt to pay for Invisalign it's best if you understand what is involved with the treatment so you are happy with your results.

Stewart C. Brody, DDS
Long Island Dentist

Payment plan for Invisalign

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Each dentist has their own financial policies when it comes to paying for your invisalign treatment.  In my office we offer 24 month no interest financing through Care Credit as well as half down and the rest over the course of your treatment.  The dentist who does the invisalign has to pay for the invisalign fee at the beginning of treatment so a hefty downpayment may be required.  Get multiple opinions until you find someone who is willing to work with you

Leonard Tau, DMD
Philadelphia Dentist
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Payment Plan for Invisalign

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All dentists have their own financial policies. Try to find a dentist that has a payment plan such as "Care Credit", whereby you can make monthly payments spread out over a year or longer. Do not expect any dentist to start the case, however, without your making a substantial down-payment. The dentist has to pay Invisalign the FULL lab fee at the onset of treatment, and unless you have a long-standing relationship with the dentist, I doubt if he will start treatment without a down-payment.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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