I Am Currently Pregnant and Want to Breastfeed but Also Want to Have Augmentation, How Long After Birth Should I Wait?

I want to breastfeed and pump for 3 months and then planned on stopping and then waiting 3 months before surgery. Everything I've read said 3 to 6 months should be sufficient time to wait, however I met with a surgeon yesterday and she says minimum 6 months to a year before I could have surgery, however she also told me that I would need to do the surgery while baby was under 15lbs so I could still care for the baby. Should I get another opinion? I'm confused. I dried up quickly w/ other child

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Breast augmentation after pregnancy

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answeres are always slightly more complex than we would like.

3-6 months after you stop breast feeding is usually sufficient. it would be best to make sure that you are no longer lactating and that your breast size is stable.. your ob gyn can help with this.

the weight issue depends on whether the implants are over or under the muscle.  subpectoral placement takes longer to heal and you may be sore for 3-6 weeks when you try to lift your baby.  its unlikely however to cause any permanant damage

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Breast surgery after pregnancy

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There are a few considerations influencing the timing of breast surgery after pregnancy. Assuming there are no complications or medical issues after pregnancy, the first thing is to get back into your normal lifestyle and habits as much as possible. Optimize your level of fitness and stabilize your weight. Obviously most women gain weight during pregnancy and their body shape and size might change so this needs to revert to normal and stabilize since your breast size and shape may also be affected by post-partum weight. You need to be sure that all milk production ceases after completing breast-feeding since surgery into the gland can produce galactocoeles or milk-containing cysts. FInally, once your breast size and shape has stabilized, your plastic surgeon should collaborate with you on what surgery is necessary to make yo happy. This appears to involve some sort of lift in your situation but that can only be determine once everything has settled. Generally it is 6-12 months.

Robin T.W. Yuan, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

How long to wait to get a breast augmentation after pregnancy?

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The reason to wait for a breast augmentation is that you first want to complete breast feeding, allow for the swelling and milk to subside and allow for all of the contraction of your skin to take place. Odds are that this will be complete from 3-6 months after you stop breast feeding.  There is no specific study to prove this.  This allows your surgeon to make an accurate determination of what you need to restore your shape and position.

You will likely need a lift along with your augmentation to correct the post-partum changes you demonstrate and this may require more time to ensure an accurate picture of your new breast shape and position.

Choose a physician you feel comfortable with and follow their specific instructions.

Best of luck!

Vincent P. Marin, MD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon
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6 Months Better

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I usually recommend patients wait for 6 months after they've stopped breastfeeding before they undergo surgery, so I agree with your PS. You can try seeking another opinion. 

Wait 6-12 months after breast-feeding is terminated before having breast augmentation

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Thank you for your question. A personal exam and consultation is always best.

That said I suggest waiting 6 months or preferably a year after finish breast-feeding before you have breast augmentation surgery. It takes time for the breast gland to return to a normal state after breast-feeding. If you have breast augmentation too early many of the glands are still producing milk, and have not atrophied or reduced in size. You want the gland to be in its final state before surgery. If you have breast augmentation while the gland is still enlarged and it reduces in size later this may affect your result.

Be sure to consult a plastic surgeon who is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, experienced in your procedure, and who has an excellent reputation in your community.

Breast surgery after pregnancy and breast feeding

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You should wait to undergo breast augmentation or breast lift until your breast size and your weight have stabilized.  How long this will be depends on your body, but 3 months after breast feeding is fairly common.  I would get to your goal weight during this process as weight loss and weight gain will also play a role.

All the best,

Dr Repta 

Remus Repta, MD
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Augmentation - I Am Currently Pregnant and Want to Breastfeed but Also Want to Have Augmentation, How Long After Birth Sh

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There is no absolute answer to this.  You have to wait until YOUR breasts have finished changing after you've stopped breast-feeding, and that period is usually about 3 months but can take up to about 6 months.  That's the reason for the range you're getting - no one can say for sure how your body will react.  If you are otherwise comfortable with your PS then waiting 6 months seems reasonable; if not, do not hesitate to get additional opinions.  This recommendation - whether to wait 3 or 6 months - should not in my opinion be the ultimate determining factor for you in choosing a surgeon and the surgery.  And my recommendation after this procedure is that you need to wait at least 3 weeks before starting any exercise, after which you can start slowly and advance as tolerated.  That, however, includes lifting your child, regardless of the weight.  You have to be careful, and reasonable.

I hope that this helps, and good luck,

Dr. E

You should wait at least 3 months after breastfeeding to have implants

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The reason to wait 3 months after breastfeeding before you get breast implants is to allow the breasts to stop producing milk ("dry up") and let the size decrease to normal.  This process may take more time in some women so the 3 month time period is a general guide.

Having a Breast Augmentation After Children

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In general, it is good to wait for at least three months after completing breastfeeding to wait for the normalization of your breasts’ shape and volume before considering a breast augmentation.  After that time, it does not change significantly.

Rod J. Rohrich, MD
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

Breast Surgery After Breast Feeding?

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Thank you for the question and pictures.

I ask my patients  to wait for about 3 months after they have stopped breast-feeding. 

When you do meet with your plastic surgeon also ask him/her about the need for breast lifting surgery because it does seem that you do have some ptosis ( drooping)  in one of the pictures you provided.

I hope this helps.

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