I'm currently on accutane I'm 26 taking 40 mg per pill twice a week and i weight about 160, how long will I need accutane for?

I'm currently on accutane finishing my fourth month, taking 10 pills per month at 40 mg per pill twice a week I'm stilling getting acne but very untimely and in very concentrated spots or a spot. I'm beginning to wonder if accutane is really for me? What can you suggest?

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Irregular doses of Accutane

You need to take a total of 8000-16000mg of Accutane for an effective dosage and long term results. Taking only 10 pills of 40mg per month means you are only taking 400mg/monthly and after 4 months will have only taken 1600mg total. So, you're going to need to be on this medication for a loooooong time at this rate to get to the cumulative dosage. You are not even 1/4 of the way there on the low end of the spectrum. Consult your physician about a plan and possibly upping your dosage to a more regular schedule.

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