Currently a 36 DD (Saggy) but Want Them to Look Hard and Round Like Pam Anderson What Would U Suggest?

I'm a 35 year old 36DD that are very saggy with tons of loose skin due to 4 kids looking to have a lift w/ implant with a lot of projection.I would like them to still be big but firm and the nipple lifted. I wouldn't even mind to have them look a little fake like Pamela Anderson's. I've heard some dr's want you to try on bras with implants inside but don't know how that will help me, I'm not looking for an F or G size. Under the muscle or over and what type of implant would be best to achieve this

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More youthful breast appearance. Implant or not

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Hi,  With you being so full breasted, it sounds like you could get a nice result with a lift.  However, over time, there will be a sloping above your nipple complex even with it being elevated.  To help prevent this, an implant should be used to prevent this sloping.  With you mentioning that you might want a more "implant" result, then one nice trick is to take away some of your breast tissue and use a larger implant.  This will give a more full look above the nipple position without losing the bra cup volume.

Want Them to Look Hard and Round

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Some photos would make it possible to answer these questions in a more useful way. It sounds like a breast lift might be able to accomplish a good reshaping, but an implant might help some with specific areas of contour, or with a sense of firmer tissues. 

All the best.

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

36 DD and Lift with Implant

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   If you want a little more superior pole fullness, then a small implant could be placed.  With DD breasts, you have enough tissue to perform the lift by itself without an implant.  The lift only removes a few grams of skin and makes a negligible difference in breast size.  The main determinant of breast shape, symmetry, and projection is the surgeon you choose.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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