I am currently a 32B and would like a full D?

I am currently a 32B and am looking to get silicon implants, my surgeon suggested i get over the muscle and about a 300cc. I want to know if that will be big enough for my height and weight? I am 37 years old and 5"7 1/2 feet tall and weight about150 lbs.

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Implant size

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Great question. There are many variables involved in choosing an implant size. They involve both a discussion of your expectations while also factoring in the dimensions of your chest and the amount of breast skin that you are starting with amongst other things. Unfortunately, this is a question that can be best answered during an in person consultation as opposed to online.

Around 300cc

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Dear Darc, "Around" 300cc could mean a wide range of implant sizes. If your plastic surgeon is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, then he/she has probably taken measurements and used them, along with your body characteristics and goals to determine a range of implant size that would achieve the result. In my practice, I chose that range of implant sizes, then during the surgery a temporary sizing device is placed to determine a more exact final implant volume. Good luck!

Sizing for breast augmentation

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Sizing for breast augmentation is a very personal thing. It is dependent upon many things but obviously patient wishes in terms of size is perhaps the most important. However, this may also be influenced by the width and height of your breast as well your skin envelope and firmness of your tissues - these are also strong determinates in this equation. In addition your frame and existing breast size also need to be considered too.

Cup size is very arbitrary as bra manufacturers will differ and hence the only way to be sure of a size is to speak in absolute volumes. The Rice Bag trick is commonly used and I have attached an information sheet for you. Many companies also provide breast sizing kits - Allergan and Menotr to name but two.

Do have careful discussions with your plastic surgeon in this regards

Good luck!

The Mentor Breast Implant Sizing System Is Best Way To Estimate Size

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Thank you for your question. The mentor Breast Implant Sizing System allows you to place various implant sizes of appropriate shape into your bra to see how different sizes will look on you. You can also do the rice test at home(see link to article below for instructions).

That said, 350cc is the most common size I use for someone of your height and weight.

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