I am curious. What are the results if someone were to lower one breast crease and a donut lift?

Please inform me. Will there be permanent scars? Double bubble from the lowered crease? Will that same breast (one with 2 revisions applied to it) get smaller from the donut lift or lowered crease? I'm very curious.

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Lowering Breast Crease with Mastopexy

Lowering the crease under the breast can be accomplished, usually with placement of a breast implant.  Care has to be taken to disrupt the normal fibrous attachments which form the crease or an indentation across the lower curve of the breast can result.  Also, once the normal breast crease is disrupted and lowered, there is less support for the breast and implant, so the implant may tend to drop further over years.  To help avoid this, a xenograft, or acellular dermal matrix sheet can be placed along the lower breast border as an extra support or internal bra.  A donut or periareolar lift only leaves a scar along the outer edge of the areola where it is usually camouflaged by the darker areolar color, and it will not make the breast smaller.  However, if an implant is not used, then the donut lift might flatten the breast slightly.  Have a thorough discussion with your plastic surgeon and make sure you understand all the pros and cons of this approach and feel comfortable with it.

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Photos would be very helpful. One cannot really give an intelligent response withou them or a full exam. That said your surgeon has obviously made these suggestions because he feels those procedures are the right choice in your situation. If you question those suggestions go on other consultations for peace of mind.

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