If I stop getting botox in my forehead will it appear to get more wrinkley or saggy?

i am curious is if i were to get botox in my forehead then discontiune will i suffer from un wanted issues

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Stop Botox to the forehead.

Thank you for your question. Your forehead should return to the original state once the effects of Botox wear away. 

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Botox Services

Your forehead should not get worse after Botox injections since it usually returns to the same state it was prior to Botox treatments regarding your wrinkles and sagging forehead. Botox typically remains active in the body for three to four months, though individual results differ due to patient physiology. Once the result of Botox diminishes, wrinkles that subsided will generally appear similarly to before treatment.

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Stopping botox

When you stop using Botox, the facial muscles will start to move again, and the same wrinkle patterns that you had before treatment will come back.  But you won't have any accelerated aging because you used Botox.

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Appearance of dynamic facial rhytids after discontinuing treatment with Botox

Once you discontinue treatment with Botox, your facial muscles will begin moving as they did before treatment, and thus those wrinkles caused by your facial expressions will return.  They will look like they did before Botox, but will not be any more wrinkled or saggy - simply the same as it was before.  

One consideration though is that while receiving treated with Botox, you get accustomed to seeing your face without those wrinkles, so when they return - though they were there before - you may feel that they have increased even though they have not.  

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If I stop getting botox in my forehead will it appear to get more wrinkley or saggy?

If you stop having treatment with Botox, any lines or wrinkles will not get worse. They will simply return to where they were prior to having the treatment. Keep in mind that Botox can also be preventative. For example, if an individual frequently frowns, the Botox can decrease the frowning, thus decreasing the lines that will appear in the future. I hope this information helps, and I wish you the best of luck. 

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Botox for Forehead Wrinkles

Botox for forehead wrinkles works by preventing the muscles from contracting and thus softens or eliminates the wrinkles that result from using those muscles.  If you stop get Botox or it wears off before your next treatment, the wrinkles simply return.  They will not be better than before nor will they be worse.

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Will stopping botox make your forehead produce more wrinkles or sagginess?

Hello awesomeallie,

Once the botulinum toxin wears off, your forehead will return to the state that it was in if it were not injected. Keep in mind that if you had been getting botox for 20 years and then stopped, there may be some underlying aging changes that have occurred over time that won't be seen until you stop.

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Michael M. Kim, MD

Michael M. Kim, MD
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If I stop Botox will I get more wrinkley or saggy

If you stop getting Botox treatments, the neuromodulator simply wears off and the muscles return to what they were before. Your wrinkles will not be worse, or more saggy, they just simply will be "back", as they were before treatment.

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If you have Botox anywhere and stop, you simply revert back to where you started in time.   There is no negative and no ongoing positive.     My Best,  Dr C

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Botox and wrinkles in your forehead

Botox is fabulous for treating forehead and glabella and crow's feet.  Unfortunately, when the Botox wears off the winkles will come back.  The wrinkles do not return "worse", but rather as if you never had any treatment.  It is best to continue twice a year with Botox to prevent future wrinkles. 

Michele S. Green, MD
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