Curious about AA Rhinoplasty Options? (Photo)

I'm hoping to have rhinoplasty later this year, as I'm unhappy with the size/width of my nostrils & how they increase the overall space my nose takes up on my face. I'm happy with my bridge, so I'd like to know what sort of procedure I can expect to have and if it's possible to attain a smaller overall size without involving my septum. For reference, I've attached a (very roughly edited) photo of my ideal transition. Like others, maintaining the ethnic shape of my nose is most important to me.

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Nose reduction

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You are an excellent candidate for an alar wedge resection which by itself would make your nose look smaller and fit your face better. This together with a refinement of the tip as well as possibly building up the bridge depending on what you want done.

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AA Rhinoplasty Options

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Hi Sunsoaked! The look you want can be easily achieved without involving your septum. The procedure that is right for you would be done by making internal incisions that leave no scars and will reduce your nostril size and the bulk of your nasal tip. You will still maintain your gorgeous ethnic nose shape.
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