BA from Over Muscle UK 38A to 38C 7 Years Ago,Got Capsular Contracture, Would Like to Go to A Large D?

I had a BA approx 7 years ago, and went from a UK 38a to a UK 38c (300cc implants). I since developed Capsular Contracture, and am going to have them removed and replaced. I would like to go larger (DD) with placement under the muscle (i currently have overs). I am 5ft 6" tall and weigh 160lb. I have had one consultation with a surgeon who took measurements and said a 480cc or 510cc would be ok. Would this get me to a large D or DD?

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D or DD Breast Size

An implant size of 480cc or 510cc will probably get you to a D or DD cup size. The taller you are, the bigger implant you can choose without looking too big. This implant size will get you within that cup size range but with my experience, most of my patients wish they had gone a little bit bigger.


I would also recommend going underneath the muscle with the possibility of going with saline implants as the risk of capsular contracture is much less. Being that you are at risk for a second contracture, I would most definatley take that into consideration.


Consult with your plastic surgeon on these concerns to help make an informed decision.

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