One breast bigger than other after op, could it have ruptured?

I had a breast enlargement 3 years ago I've always had one breast bigger than the other but barely recognisable lately I've noticed my left breast is bigger,feels more loose and drops more than the right breast could it have ruptured? I've haven't experienced any pain but they look uneven

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Is my implant ruptured?

This is a difficult question to answer without more information or a photo.  Are your implants saline or silicone.  Does your right breast feel harder than normal? Do you like the appearance of the right breast more than the left breast?  While it is possible that your left  implant has ruptured, it is also possible that the change has occurred on the right.  Your right implant may have  a  capsular contracture causing it to become firm and move superiorly .  Only an examination with a Plastic Surgeon will determine the reason for this recent change.  Good Luck 

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Without photos and an examination it is impossible to say.  I would go back to my PS and get his opinion.

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