What size and color should I go with in redoing my 30+ year old front upper crowns and along with all upper teeth? (photos)

My dentist color. Hart shows color to B1 them there are 3 or 4 that are whiter: M1 (being the whitest) M2, M3, and possibly there was a M4. I am thinking about M2 but would love to see photos of M2 and cans find any. Also, my husband and I like the teeth of a celebrity named Cheryl Cole, whose front teeth are a bit longer instead being the same length as the two next to them but I'm not sure which way to go with sizing of length. Any advice would be greatly appreciated

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 The first question I would ask you is what do you want your teeth to look like in terms of natural versus Hollywood. If you want a natural looking smile then I wouldn't pick a shade that is too white because that will look unnatural. Based on your complexion your teeth would look artificially fake.  If your goal is to have teeth that are good looking and natural looking then B1 or even shade A1 would be good for you.  In terms of the shape and size of your teeth, there are parameters that are dictated by your current teeth and sometimes the width of your teeth can't be changed dramatically. However, your front teeth can definitely be slightly longer than the two teeth next to them. That would not be a problem. One of the biggest factors in making beautiful front teeth is the ceramist who is actually making your crowns. Make sure your dentist works with a highly talented dental ceramist who makes beautiful front crowns. I hope this helps!

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