Pain under my breast. Sensitive nipples. Any suggestions?

I am 4-5 weeks after reduction/lift. Cut on my sides and lippo under my arm area. Still a bit numb there. My nipples are so sensitive. I guess that's good I have feeling back so soon. They feel heavy, soreness & tight around ribs, and aches under my breast-scar line to my nipples. Still a bit lumpy and swelled some I think . I wear a sports bra that holds me pretty snug. What can I do to help heal faster? TIRED OF FEELING LIKE A GOALIE AT A HOCKEY GAME. Protecting the girls. Thanks in advance

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Thank you for submitting your question.  Everyone heals at their own pace. Although you feel like a goalie, the best plan is the take your time getting back into the game.  You are still in your recovery period.  Continue to support your breasts, and care for your incisions following your surgeon's advice . I am sure in doing so, you will be happy with your outcome.  Kindest regards,

Jackson Plastic Surgeon

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