It is Safe to Sit for a Long Period of Time 4 Weeks After Having the BBL?

Hi there, I had the BBL almost 4 weeks ago and I have to go back to work soon. I work in an office so I sit for 8 hrs a day. Will that be a problem for my butt sitting for so many hrs after 4 weeks of surgery? Also Im still pretty sore from the lipo is that normal? Thank you.

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Should do fine in post-op week 4

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Hi. Thank you for your question. You should be OK sitting around 4 weeks after surgery, if you didn't have any complication (infection, seroma, etc). The soreness is still normal, but if you didn't get a lymphatic drainage ultrasound, that should probably help you with healing.

Before making any changes on your regime, always consult your board certified plastic surgeon, as he/she's the one who knows every detail of your case

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