Silastic Chin Implant - CT Scan Report

I recently underwent a CT scan due to some pain and numbness associated with a silastic chin implant. An explanation of these findings would be greatly appreciated. 1) Implant anterior to the mandible which crosses the right mental foramen. This could conceivably be compression of the right mental nerve. The superior margin of the implant is just inferior to the left mental foramen. 2) Minimal right sphenoid disease. Deviated septum. Paradoxical curvature of the middle turbinates.

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Chin implant

The findings should be corrolated with the clical picture and symptoms.

The implant seems to be sitting on the area where the nerve exits your mandible ( called the mental nerve)

This could explain your pain. See your surgeon and he/she will be able to explain the findings and relate it to your symptoms. Then advise you as to the best course of action

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