Should a revision rhinoplasty be performed if a severe deviated septum is present?

If a severe deviated septum is present, is it responsible for a Dr. to ignore this fact and proceed with a revision? In 2010 I had been diagnosed with a "huge deviation of her septum obliterating air flow on the left side of her nose," (his notes verbatim), dr. neglected to tell this to me (until I recently requested his notes) and proceeded with the revision. Fortunately I found excellent Drs to correct my septum and do a masterful revision. What protocol should have been followed initially?

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Septoplasty and rhinoplasty are two completely separate procedures

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 A  functional septoplastyprocedure is performed to improve airflow dynamics in  the nose, but will not change the shape of it. A rhinoplasty procedure is performed for cosmetic purposes and must be paid for by the patient. Both procedures can be performed simultaneously  with one anesthesia and with one recovery period. For more information about the differences between the two procedures, please see the video below

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