Random wound on areola 4 months post-op Lift with Implants, should I be worried? (photos)

Today I noticed a small wound on my areola. As far as I know it wasn't irritated or scratched, it just appeared. What is it and should I be worried? What can I do to help it heal quickly?

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Small wound

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Thanks for your inquiry, it looks like you had a small absorb-able suture spit or come out.  If all the suture material is out, the wound will quickly heal.  Please give your surgeon' office a call.    

Breast wound

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Agree with Dr Rumalla.  We often use absorbable suture in these operations and they can occasionally pop to the surface several weeks after surgery.  Fortunately this is generally not a significant problem.  Check with your surgeon and in the meantime keep the area clean.

Scott Thellman, MD
Lawrence Plastic Surgeon

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