Could this be a pseudobursa? I'm now 6 months post-op Tummy Tuck on the 24th. (photos)

At 3 months post op tummy tuck with MR and little lipo. I had a quick jerk movement, that resulted in pain and swelling. I still have pain and swelling . My therapist there's lots of scar tissue in the same area of pain. She does myofascial release. My stomach is giggly and sometimes hard.My PS wants to give it more time. Could my MR be damaged, torn. Could i still be this swollen at 6 months, could this be a pseudobursa, what? My pre surgery looks pretty much like my post op.Please help!!!!

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Post op swelling

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You could have broken your sutures holding your muscles in place.  That is one explanation for the belly swelling.  It could still be postoperative swelling.  It could also be a seroma or fluid collection, which would best be determined on exam.  A pseudobursa is a lining formed around a chronic seroma.  

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