How do you know if you have a pseudobursa?

4 months post op TT with MR and little lipo. I made a quick sudden movement that resulted in immediate pain and swelling. PS said give it a few weeks and it should go down. some of the swelling went down but i then had I did a little waterbed effect but not much. I'm still swollen and have limited stomach Mobility. At times it feels like my stomach is ripping, bloated, hard and sometimes hurt. My therapist said i have a lot of scar tissue, and wants to do myofascial release.

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You may have torn a suture with that sudden movement which could have released some of the underlying fascial plication.  It could have also caused a little bleeding or a little seroma.  A fluid collection with a wall around it (pseudobursa), can be suspected on physical exam and confirmed with imaging like an ultrasound.

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