What is the best way to prevent keloiding?

I am going to get a breast augmentation. I'm worried about my incisions keloiding. I already have a keloid and keloid removal surgery was unsuccessful for me. So I am just looking for any advice or recommendations.

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Needs followup

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Your first choice is to where you would prefer the keloid if it occurs, areola, mammary crease, or armpit.

After surgery, careful taping, then silicone strips, and then possibly laser/cortisone treatments will be needed.

Best wishes.

Keloid scars

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Keloids can form for various reasons and some poor scars or thick scars are erroneously named keloids - it does not mean you have any higher chance of developing one. Your plastic surgeon ca advise you how best to look after the incision  post surgery to minimise this  - my policy is to tape strictly for 6 weeks then use a topical vitamin E or Bio-oil

If at 6 weeks on review by your surgeon there are any signs of a thickening scar or itching then your surgeon may want to start you on topical silicon on the scar as a strip or rub on topical plus or minus a steroid injection to soften the scar then further close supervision

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