Damaging the transferred fat. Any suggestions?

First I'd like to say I had a BBL 7 days ago .. I must return to work in another 16 days .. I have not been sitting on it only on the way home from the dr .. I'd like to know when it will start being soft and when will the final results start showing my dr was a little cold so I'd like to hear other doctors opinions .. Also how long until I can get back into the gym. I am very nervous of damaging the transferred fat. Please help. Thank you

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It is very common to feel that the area of injected fat is very firm.  This usually lasts 2-3 weeks, and then starts softening.  I usually ask my patients not to sit on the buttocks with injected fat for 3 weeks after surgery.  You may go back to normal activities about 6 weeks after surgery.  The final results will be more apparent in 3-6 months.Best,Alex Kim, MD

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