Complications from Augmenting and Insurance?

I had breast augmentation a few days ago and the surgery went well and I have had no problems with the implants. However when I woke up from surgery my heart rate was extremely high and my blood pressure low. The doctors diagnosed it as dehydration and admitted me to the hospital so I could recieve fluids. The next day after three bags of fluids my vitals were normal. Will insurance pay for this hospital stay even though it resulted from plastics surgery?

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Health insurance and cosmetic surgery

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Everyone's health insurance policy is different, however, in general, most health insurance plans do not cover any complications resulting from a cosmetic procedure. You have to read the fine print of your individual plan.  It doesn't hurt to try and bill health insurance since they do cover these issues sometimes.  However, there are very reasonable priced cosmetic insurance plans that can be purchased prior to your cosmetic procedure that cover complications resulting from the cosmetic procedure. Your plastic surgeon can give you information on these plans that are sold by a separate company. You can also ask your plastic surgeon if you are at increased risk of having a complication and thus worth the extra expense of obtaining the policy.
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Complications from Augmenting and Insurance?

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Sorry for the post operative complication. Today it is a very vague question with health insurance carriers. Though your issue was not directly related to the implant itself, like hematoma. The medical condition was due to having the surgery. Best to contact the carrier to see if you have coverage. New policies are restricting any coverage related to any cosmetic surgery complication! 

Insurance coverage for postop complications

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Insurance does not cover postop complications that are surgical, such as need to reposition implants. However, some insurers are more generous when the complication is medical, as you describe.

Insurance Coverage for Post Op Complications following Cosmetic Surgery

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This is a very good question. Unfortunately there is not a single answer to it. It depends on the type of insurance plan and any specific disclaimers which specifically exclude coverage for any complications related to cosmetic surgery. In general, however, unless there are such clauses in your contract policy, insurance policies will cover medically related procedures and care. The fact that you were so dehydrated that it was causing physical signs of problems means that it was medially necessary that you receive the appropriate care, and therefore might be covered. It also will depend on how your doc "coded" the problem. Coding is the terminology used by insurance companies when determining if services given to you are medically necessary and therefore covered under your policy. First, speak to your surgeon.

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