What factors determine the cost of a Breast Augmentation?

basically, I would just like to know what makes it low like 4,500 to more expensive like 7,000 dollars? :) Thank you! (I'm very anxious to have this surgery done in the next couple years :( ) P.S. If I was looking to go from an 34A cup to full C, would this bring my cost up? Thanks again :)

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Why the variability in breast augmentation

This is a very common question.  The cost variables are as follows:
1.  Surgeon fees vary  by region as well as for the different surgeries ie. augment alone vs augment and lift, etc
2.  Implants:  implant costs vary across manufacturers and between saline and silicone
3.  Facility fee:  hospital vs outpatient center.vs. (yikes) office
4.  Anesthesia:  anesthesiologist vs. crna vs. local and sedation administered by physician.

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Factors Affecting the Cost of Breast Surgery

The biggest factor in the cost of breast augmentation is the type of implants selected - saline vs. silicone. The manufacturer price for a saline implant is around $600 compared to $1200 for a silicone implant. 

Other factors include the location, the experience of the surgeon,  and sometimes the selected incision. 

In my practice the regular fee is $7,400 for silicone gel and $5,900 for saline. I am a Toronto based plastic surgeon.

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Breast Augmentation Cost

Thank you for your question.  The fees you have been quoted will most likely include surgeon's, operating room, anesthesia and breast implant fees.  These fees will vary depending on where the surgery is performed (outpatient surgery center or hospital) and what type of implant you choose. Silicone (gel) implants tend to be more expensive.  The size of implant used will not change the cost of your surgery.  Best of luck. 

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What factors determine the cost of a Breast Augmentation?

GREAT Question! Costs are the implant pair whether saline vs silicone, anesthesia provider, operating room, meds, supplies, bra, labs, Rx's. Thus Saline total out of pocket = $4,500 on low side, I have even see lower but only at very risky docs and clinics. To a high with Silicone of $8,500. 

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What factors determine the cost of a Breast Augmentation?

In Sydney, there are 5 components to your Breast Augmentation Cost that ranges from 6-11 K.
1. Surgeons Fee
2. Anaesthetic Fee
3. Hospital or Facility Fee
4. Implant Cost.
5. 10% GST ( Goods and Services Tax)

If you use state of the art and top notch facilities and products and use highly skilled Plastic Surgeons and Skilled Anaesthetists you get value for your money but it will not be at the lower end of the cost structure.

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Plastic surgeons skill and reputation can increase the cost of breast augmentation

As others have stated there are many factors to go into the cost of breast augmentation.  Next

1 important factor can be the area of the country in which you live which you can see on the maps provided on Realself.com showing average cost of breast augmentation across the US.  Next

However in my experience the higher costs of breast augmentation in the $7-$8000 range are most often related to the surgeons experience, skill, proven results, and reputation in the community.

More successful plastic surgeons who get the best results and have the most experience are usually the most busy.  Surgeons in this category often charge the higher end of the breast augmentation price range.

Cost of Breast Augmentation

Many things go into the costs of this procedure. Each can impact the final cost. One variable is the surgeon. A great number of physicians believe that they can do this procedure because it seems simple. Therefore, family physicians, emergency physicians and other non surgically trained doctors are doing this procedure with little or no formal training. This frequently leads to problems. These physicians generally charge less than board certified plastic surgeons, but board certified plastic surgeons are trained to prevent problems and assure that you do not need surgery again. This is usually well worth the extra costs. Another variable is the facility in which the procedure is done. Many non plastic surgeons do this procedure in their office without certifying it. This reduces the costs, but significantly raises the risks of problems and even death from the procedure. Many also do the procedure with a nurse or a minimally trained assistant doing the anesthesia or monitoring you. This also reduces the costs, but, again, increases the risks significantly. I have also known of some of these physicians importing non approved implants which can also cause significant problems. You generally get what you pay for.

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Cost for a breast augmentation in the Atlanta Area

When considering the cost for a breast augmentation the following should be included:
Surgeon's fee
Facility fee
Implant cost, saline vs. gel ( gel implants are more expensive than saline filled implants)
post operative bra
Anesthesia fee
Follow up examinations
We also include Cometassure which covers costs for complications that may occur in the first 30 days
At our facility a breast augmentation under general anesthesia with saline filled implants is $4,500 and gel is $5,500.

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
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There are four variables in the cost of breast augmentation
1. Surgeon's professional fee
2. Anesthetist's professional fee
3. Implant cost
4. Operating facility cost. 

All of these vary. Surgeons commonly charge beween $2500 and $4000.
Anesthesia fees vary in my area from about $370 to $600 for one hour.
Implants retail for between $900 and $2700 a pair (salines being least expensive, form stable gel the most expensive). All sizes cost the same. 
Operating rooms vary by institution and length of surgery. An hour in a surgicenter might be $800. My hospital would charge $4000 for an hour (needless to say, we use a surgicenter). 

Hope this helps. All the best

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Cost of breast augmentation

Costs include surgeons fees, facility and anesthesia fees and type of implant (saline, silicone or anatomic).  Surgeons fees are typically competitive in a given market, so make sure you look for quality.  A board certified plastic surgeon with experience, good bedside manner, good reviews and involved with various prestigious groups such as the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons.  Consumer beware of non plastic surgeons calling themselves "cosmetic surgeons", but having a totally different training. You can check with the American Board of Plastic Surgeons to see if your doctor is certified.

Christopher J. Kovanda, MD
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