Breast implant extrusion risk - need advice

I just had a Breast implant revision on Friday and went from 350cc to 800cc uhp silicone implants. I seem to be healing great as I have not taken any pain meds since the day I came home. However, I am struggling to quit smoking. I understand the risk of doing this and have tried to combat This by taking daily doses of B complex, citrulline and L-arginine (vasodilators). If I just can't kick the habit, what else can I do to prevent extrusion or other complications? How common is this issue?

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Breast implant extrusion risk - need advice

The supplements you are taking are not likely to help. Smoking does interfere with wound healing. While uncommon, if it happens, it is a big problem. Best to stop ASAP (and not restart).

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Smoking and extrusion

At this point, there is nothing you can do to prevent an extrusion.  I've done breast augmentations for over 25 years and have never seen an extrusion.  A more likely outcome due to smoking would be capsular contracture and a thicker scar. There should not be any vascular compromise of a standard breast augmentation incision from nicotine. Best of luck. 

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