Crusting Continually Forms Years After Rhinplasty

crusting forming above and between lower shelf of nose and tip following a rhinoplaty ... had a rhinoplasty about 5 yrs ago but have been left with a problem which hasnt resolved itself. build up of sinewey, whitish material which gets stuck above the inside shelf and tip of nose and can only be removed after heavy blowing every 2 wks or so (when material builds up to a large size). whats the likely cause? local doctor said scars in nose look perfectly healed so could it be a structural issue?

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Nasal build up

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The nasal buildup you describe may be related to a foreign body in the nose or a chronic low grade infection.  See your doctor to be evaluated.

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Nasal Crusting Years after Rhinoplasty

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As other posters have recommended, see an ENT specialist for evaluation. I recommend getting a consultation before treatment so the physician can see the pathology before it is partially treated with topicals such as moisture and ointments.

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Possible septal perforation after rhinoplasty

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An ear, nose, and throat doctor (otolaryngologist) needs to take a good look in your nose. A septal perforation is one possible cause of persistent crusting. If that were the case, it can sometimes be repaired. Atrophic rhinitis is another condition associated with crusting and can follow over-aggressive reduction of the turbinates. Either way, you need a good diagnosis first.

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Crusting continually forms years after rhinplasty

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Seek ENT opinions and a vaporizer therapy to help. You may need further surgery or just medical therapy. Seek out these doctors in your area.

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Crusting in the nose after surgery.

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This is not normal and you should see an ENT surgeon in your area who is experienced with these problems. In the meantime use a vaporizer each night when you sleep and vaseline to coat the dry areas.

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