Crusting After Fraxel Repair

I had the Fraxel Repair 1 week ago. The corners of my mouth and on my chin became infected, so the Dr. prescribed Bactrim ointment. I have done this for 2 days and though it is better, there is still crusting on these areas. Should I try to gently remove the crusting or leave it alone?

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Post-op wound infection can be prevented and must be aggressively treated after laser resurfacing

Post-op staph infection is a possible risk after laser resurfacing. You most likely need oral antibiotics. Better yet, a culture should be done to make sure that you do not have MRSA, i.e. drug resistant staph infection. Inadequately treated post-op laser wound infection can lead to post-inflammatory pigmentation and occasionally scarring. Post-op oral antibiotics and oral antiviral medications are advisable and typically prescribed by experienced board-certified dermatologists prior to fractionated laser resurfacing such as Fractional CO2 Laser.

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