Right eye higher than the left. Is there any treatment to correct this asymmetry? (Photo)

My right eye is misaligned. I think i had this from childhood but was not very concerned then. The difference between the two becomes more clearly visible when am tired or had insufficient sleep. at times there's discomfort as i have conscious feeling of eye lid covering the eyeball and not having a clear sight. This really upsets me a lot and i lose confidence at times. Is there any treatment to correct this asymmetry.

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Right eye higher than the left. Is there any treatment to correct this asymmetry?

There are many possibilities here and you will have to exclude each one of them by getting tested. May I suggest seeing an Eye Specialist as you may have congenital ptosis ( droopy eye), a muscle imbalance or progressive muscle weakness like Myasthenia Gravis. All the best

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Hi HasiniRaj,

Thanks for your question and photo. Based on the picture, I can appreciate some lower lid retraction of both lower lids (worse on the right) and mild ptosis (droopiness) of your right upper lid. It is difficult to tell from one photo but there may also be some proptosis (bulging) of your right eye. Do you have a history of thyroid disease?

I would recommend a comprehensive evaluation by a skilled oculoplastic surgeon in your area. There are procedures that can be done to improve your symmetry but you first need a thorough evaluation. 

Good luck!

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Eye asymmetry

Based on your photo alone, you may have a muscle imbalance causing the asymmetry.  This is called vertical strabismus and may be corrected with muscle surgery, not necessarily with eyelid surgery.  I suggest you see a general ophthalmologist or a strabismus specialist for an evaluation.  

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