Which chemical peel is best for lightening black skin?

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Skin lightening

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Chemical Peels are always a risky procedure for patients with darker skin since there is a risk of uneven skin tone after the peel. Usually combination of treatments is used to lighten black skin, such as lasers and low strengths peels. Best of luck!

Summit Emergency Medicine Physician

TCA vs AHA vs other peels.

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A combination approach is best, namely using low strength laser, bleaching creams and peels such as low strength TCA, or medium strength AHA peels. Video explains a lactic acid peel, which is a form of AHA peeling and can be used to help lighten skin as well. All the best, Dr Davin Lim. Brisbane. Australia.

Black is beautiful and chemical peels won't change that!

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I get this question in my practice which includes people of all races. I am told that Silver Spring is the most diverse community in the state. Your skin color is determined by your parents and it does not change by chemical peeling. The melanocytes live in all layers of the skin and so chemical peeling (the uppermost layer) will not have any affect on your skin color. Every 28 days you have a new top layer of skin, as cells in the bottom layer grow upwards and are finally shed on the top layer. My hope is that the reader who may want to ask this question will understand that having a lot of melanin in your skin is a really a gift because you will have younger looking skin and be less likely to join the skin cancer club!!!!

Beverly Johnson, MD
Silver Spring Dermatologic Surgeon

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