Zirconium Bridges. Is there any particular care I need for them?

I recently got zirconium bridges, for three teeth on each side. I am wondering if there is any particular care I need for them or anything I need to do to ensure they last long and maintain their look. Also is there anything I need to stay away from? Thanks

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Care for your bridges like you care for your other teeth. Good oral hygiene is key, so be sure to brush and floss daily and go in for your regular dental check ups. Cleaning under your bridges may be challenging at first. I would recommend a waterpik to clean the most difficult areas, like under the pontic (fake tooth). This device can also be used everywhere in the mouth, and can be purchased at a very reasonable price. Good luck and I hope this info helps you. Follow me if you have more questions.

Sarah Thompson, DMD
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Caring For Bridges

This is a very strong material and should serve you well.  Have your dentist show you how to floss under the bridge.  Other than that, home care is the same as the other teeth.  Good luck.  

Scott Young, DDS
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Care for zirconia bridge

Caring for your new zirconia bridge should be the same as all other bridges.  Brush them just like your teeth, floss around the bridge and surrounding teeth, use a floss threader to floss under the pontic (fake tooth) and the sides of the supporting teeth.  If you have a waterpik this can assist you cleansing out the gums and under the pontic, but it won't replace flossing.  Also, go in for regular checkup visits.  

David M. Schertzer, DDS
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