Are Crowns A Good Alternative to Veneers? (cost issues)

Are crowns a good choice for front teeth if veneers are not a option financially

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Crowns Vs. Veneers Reason for and Price

  You need to mindful of three things:  1,  Why do you need crowns on your front teeth?  If it is for esthetic or cosmetic reasons, than Crowns are not the answer.  Veeners are the answer. 2. If you have worn the front teeth down from grinding or your bite, than Crowns are a good choice for you since they are stronger than veneers and will look just as good. 3.  The price is the same pretty much for either procedure. If you need crowns for resorative rather than cosmetic reasons, and you have insurance, your crowns will probably be covered under restorative. Your veneers are NEVER covered by insurance! 

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Crowns are NOT a good alternative to veneers.

If your esthetic or functional issues can be  resolved with veneers, then I would NEVER recommned crowns instead. Veneers are so much more consevative than crowns, meaning that a lot less tooth structure needs to be removed compared to a crown.

Do not get crowns just for cost issues. Besides, insurance will want to see why those crowns would be needed, and if it is for esthetic issues and not due to structure issues, they will not cover them.

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Crowns as an Alternative to Veneers

In our office the cost of the veneer and crown would be the same most likely.  You would want the restoration that would give you the best result, last the longest and conserve as much natural tooth structure as possible.

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Porcelain Crowns are NOT more cost effective than Porcelain Laminate Veneers

Porcelain crowns are generally similar in cost to Porcelain Laminate Veneers and the main difference in choice is really a restorative issue. Porcelain Laminate Veneers are considered a more "conservative" restorative process, conserving more natural tooth structure. That is, there is more preparation (filing) of the tooth for a crown and less for the preparation of a porcelain laminate veneer. Crowns are usually indicated for teeth that have lost more structural integrity from previous fillings, decay, erosion or wear. Crowns also surround the whole coronal (top) portion of the tooth while Porcelain Laminate Veneers merely cover the facial (front) surface, incisal edge and sometimes a small part of the lingual (inside) surface.  

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Porcelain Crowns or Veneers

In the situations with aesthetic concerns of anterior teeth due to their shape, color, position or multiple restorations sometimes porcelain veneers can be a viable option. However, porcelain crowns are more popular in the cases when the teeth have significant wear or the bite requires full coverage crown. Financially the cost of the porcelain veneer is usually about the same as all-ceramic crown. 

A good all porcelain crown does not cost less than veneers, however

 A good all porcelain crown does not cost less than veneers, however :

Insurance companies do pay for crowns, and NEVER for veneers. If you have current bonded teeth , and your teeth can show damage on the x-rays and  photos, then only if you have insurance there will be a cost advantage. If your teeth are healthy, never filled, and there are minimal rotation, over lap, then you are sacrificing healthy tooth structure in which case insurance will deny crowns too.

Hope it shed some light on the matter..... 

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Crowns are Not a cost-saving procedure

Crowns should NOT be more cost effective than veneers. You have to compare apples to apples. In the hands of an experienced and talented cosmetic dentist using a cosmetic dental laboratory, the cost for a cosmetic crown and a cosmetic veneer should be very similar. I always advise patients looking for a cosmetic solution, NOT to bargain-hunt! You will get what you pay for! Excellent cosmetic results on front teeth are not cheap.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
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Crowns or veneers

It is a difficult question to answer.  Veneers are normally require small amount of reduction of the tooth below and are normally done for cosmetic reasons.  They are also normally only on the front and a small wrap to the back.  When discussing crowns, they are completely covering the tooth, usually done because of large decay or filling in the tooth.  Cost wise there really should not be a significant difference between the two procedures.

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